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Muscular Health & Conditioning


Canine Massage & Core Conditioning, Nottinghamshire

Canine Massage Therapy & Canine Conditioning

The bond we have with our dogs begins the moment they come into our lives and just never stops growing. We want the best for our dogs and more and more people are turning to Canine Massage, a natural, non-invasive therapy and Canine Core Conditioning a researched based scientifically proven exercise and training program. When provided by a professionally trained Therapist, it can significantly improve your dog’s overall quality of life.

Canine Core Conditioning Develops and strengthens your dog’s core and deep stabilising muscles, improving their stability, flexibility, strength, and coordination using specific targeted and measurable exercises and stretches. A complete canine conditioning and fitness method for your dog.

Canine Massage helps to support and assist your dog’s muscular system, aiding recovery, recuperation, and rehabilitation, supporting orthopaedic conditions and providing effective pain management, whilst also keeping your dog’s muscles in peak condition.

Providing and promoting total fitness, safe conditioning, and muscular health at all stages of your dog’s life.

Your dog, their body, their health, their wellbeing

Canine Core Conditioning Common Results

  • Mobilise & strengthen your dog’s structure
  • Builds muscles, reactions, and fitness
  • Targeting core muscles, we, loosen – mobilise – strengthen
  • Builds confidence in their bodies
  • Move fully and freely
  • Flexibility, balance & co-ordination improved in everyday life & sports
  • Mental & physical harmony
  • Improves posture & gait
  • Increases focus in everything they do
  • Has great fun

Canine Massage Common Results

  • Natural pain relief
  • Improved mobility & ability to exercises
  • Reduced stiffness & soreness, a ‘younger dog’
  • Resolution or reduction of lameness/limping
  • Improvement in weight-bearing on all four limbs
  • Able to return to activities of daily living
  • Return to normal posture and gait
  • Reduces post-surgery recovery, recuperation & rehabilitation
  • Improving working & sporting performance
  • Maintain a happy & healthy life

Specialist, Professional Canine Massage Therapy & Canine Conditioning Coach

If you feel your dog would benefit from any of our services, or if he or she has a condition you are worried about, please contact us for help and advice.