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The bond we have with our dogs begins the moment they come into our lives and never stops growing. We all want the best for our dogs and more and more people are turning to Canine Massage as a natural, non-invasive therapy. When provided by a professionally trained Canine Massage Therapist it can significantly improve your dogs overall quality of life.

Have you noticed any changes, even the subtlest ones in your dog’s mobility and/or behaviour, this could be a sign that they are experiencing muscular discomfort.

Canine massage helps to support and assist your dog’s muscular system, aiding recovery, recuperation and rehabilitation, supporting orthopaedic conditions and providing effective pain management, whilst also keeping your dog’s muscles in peak condition.

Canine massage is an effective therapy at all stages of your dog’s life, whether they be senior & ageing, sporting & working, young & active or nervous & anxious dogs.

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Common Physical Results

  • Resolution or reduction of lameness
  • Moving freely
  • Relieved stiffness & soreness
  • Pain-free dog
  • Able to use stairs and get into the car
  • Coping better with their orthopaedic conditions e.g. arthritis/hip dysplasia
  • Faster recovery from injury or operation
  • Improving working & sporting performance

Common Behavioural Results

  • Have their ‘zest’ for life back
  • Improved mood
  • More willing to be handled
  • More relaxed
  • Reduced stress & anxiety
  • Enjoys walks again
  • Just seems much younger

Success Stories

“Jayne is incredibly intuitive and naturally works for the dogs highest and greatest good doing what is right for the animal at all times. Jayne is so passionate about what she does, she’s so knowledgeable and happy to accommodate both dog and owners needs.”

Sarah, Derbyshire

“Amazing lady, Jayne is so calm and patient with dogs and owners alike. My nervous rescue dog is very wary of anything new but Jayne manages to settle her and has sorted a recurring muscle problem that causes her to limp badly.”

Cathy, Worksop

“From our first visit, the visible difference was apparent both physically and mentally and having “a new lease of life.” Her treatment is ongoing as well as my homework from Jayne. Go and give it a try! Your dog will love you for it.

Colette, Doncaster
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Specialist, Professional Canine Massage Therapist

If you feel your dog would benefit from any of our services, or if he or she has a condition you are worried about, please contact us for help and advice.

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