Giving your puppy the best start and preparing them for a full and active life.

Setting up our puppy’s foundation and providing the right training from an early age is vital in helping to shape their future.

Encouraging the switch on of the core musculature system – will lead to your puppy being strong & fit as they grow. Conditioning is so important and specifically the core as this is the foundation of your puppy – being stable from the inside out.

This workshop provides you with extensive information regarding your puppy, how he or she grows, the best way to condition your puppy, age-appropriate exercising for your puppy as they grow,

If your puppy is going to a sports, working dog or an active pet it’s vital the core is strong to achieve correct function and prevent of musculoskeletal issues throughout their life. Same as with us humans!

“Did you know that dogs muscles are poorly connected to their back legs?”

We will also be doing some exercises that will switch on the neural pathways from your puppy’s brain to their back legs, this will reduce the risk of injury, whilst they are tearing around and growing up.

Setting your puppy up to succeed and flourish…

If their core muscles are strong, their movement muscles don’t have to overwork and don’t have to support the spine – these can get really sore when doing the wrong job.

Life is an adventure, and everything is new and exciting for your puppy, with so many new things to explore.

These amazing inquisitive puppies are learning so much, so fast every single day.

The perfect time to introduce low-impact, fun exercises so that they learn how to use their bodies better.

By working with your puppy, the CCA way means your puppy will move in a balanced and coordinated way becoming the norm as they grow.


  • Venue: K9 Bodycare Studio
  • Location: S80 3BL
  • Small Classes up to 4 people / dogs
  • Only for puppies who have completed their first course of vaccinations usually around 10-12 weeks.
  • Online: For those who cannot attend in person and for puppies from 8 weeks of age. Using Zoom
  • 1-2-1’s: If you prefer the time devoted to just you and your dog, one-on-one workshops are available – cost on application.
  • Dog Clubs / Teams / Rescue Centre etc: I can bring the workshop to you; all you will need is a suitable venue and at least 10 attendees – cost on application.