Behavioural issues in dogs –  How Canine Massage helped Cookie in 3 sessions…

Name: Cookie
Location: Retford, North Nottinghamshire
Reason for Treatment: Unwillingness to touch
Age: 3
Breed: English Springer Spaniel

I met Cookie at the age of 2, just by chance when working for another clients dog. Cookie’s owner was talking to me about his behavioural issues that she thought stemmed from being in his previous life before he came into their home and hearts. Behavioural issues in dogs is very common. His symptoms included…

  • Not liking to be touched, particular on his hind quarters
  • Circling / chasing tai
  • Nervousness of strangers

His owner asked if I could check him over. Behavioural issues in dogs can be helped by using canine massage therapy, so with the information I gained, I requested that Cookie was muzzled, which they had no hesitation to do. I carried out a gait (movement) & postural analysis and muscular health check and found a few things that could be contributing to Cookie’s behaviour…

  • Standing in a ‘C’ shape (curved) and wasn’t comfortable standing straight
  • Tightness in his neck muscles (holds head low)
  • Twitch response all along his back (Myofascial pain)
  • Hypertonicity (muscle tightness) and trigger points (knots) to Gluteal and Hamstrings bilaterally
  • Strain to the Epaxial muscles

In order for me to work with Cookie, he was muzzled due to his nature and reactions. After a short time Cookie settled into the massage (his owner was amazed). This allowed me to work on not just the areas of pain but also his whole body (which is an important part of massage) as it is not just the area of pain we work on but the area of overcompensation as well and in Cookies case it was his neck and back that were the areas of overcompensation. The main area of pain was in his lumbar and hip region.

By Cookie’s third visit, his level of pain was so reduced that he welcomed touch, as he knew that I was there to help him. We had gained a mutual respect for each other and he knew that he could trust me. In this session we didn’t need to muzzle him, however, I am always watching for reactions from all the dogs that I treat – I have the upmost respect for them and for everyone’s safety.

Cookie continues to visit me for maintenance purposes.

Cookie’s owner said…

“Cookie was suffering and we didn’t realise. We put it down to Behaviour. Jayne advised us on every occasion what was happening and we were given an aftercare plan after each treatment to help Cookie with his recovery. I will continue to work with Jayne to keep my dogs health in top form. I am an extremely grateful dog owner with a much happier dog.”

Cookie - Canine Massage Treatment
Cookie - Canine Massage Treatment
Cookie - Canine Massage Treatment