Operations whether for an orthopaedic condition, neutering, abdominal of other type of surgery. Depending on the surgical procedures, your dog might be immobilised for days or even weeks which can impact on both the physical and psychological wellbeing of your dog.

Restricted movement leads to reduced circulation of blood and lymph; muscle wasting (atrophy) reduced flexibility, overcompensation and referred pain leading to tight and injury prone muscles, poor joint stability and range of motion. Also can lead to boredom, anxiety and stress affecting your dog psychologically.

Benefits of Post Operative Massage

4-6 weeks after surgery your dog will find it beneficial to have a full structured massage to assist in their recovery.

  • Improve the flow of blood and nutrients to the affected area to aid in repair
  • Pain management
  • Assists with areas of overcompensation
  • Breaking down restrictive scar tissue & adhesions
  • Ease stress and anxiety
  • Improved weight bearing and range of motion
  • Improved mood and character
Canine Massage