Like us weight creeps on our dogs little by little and we don’t often notice our dog putting on weight – giving them extra treats, tit-bits, insufficient activity levels – they all add up.

Dogs don’t cope well with being overweight, can feel vulnerable, they can’t walk as far, they are unable to play and you see a change in their character.

Symptons to look for:

  • Loss of waist
  • Neck Fat
  • Droopy belly
  • High fat to muscle ratio
  • Unable to feel their ribcage (please note you should be able to identify your dogs ribcage not be able to see every rib, being underweight puts your dog at risk just as being overweight does)
  • Sleeps a lot and is always lethargic
  • Pants heavily after exercise
  • Struggling up steps
  • Waddling

Massage can help by:

  • Decreases tightness in muscles
  • Releases Trigger Points (those twitches / flinches that you see along your dogs back and sides)
  • Decreases levels of soreness and stiffness
  • Increases circulation and draining the lymphatic system
  • Feeling more comfortable with increased flexibility and mobility
Canine Massage