Complying with all UK Coronavirus guidelines and regulations, K9 Bodycare will now begin to see clients. The safety of my clients is paramount, I will always aim to impose strict health & safety standards and stringent hygiene measures are in place. See my certification here.

Please see my Covid-19 Safety Statement for your information and a Client Declaration form which will need to be completed before each session.

Complying with all UK coronavirus guidelines and regulations, K9 Bodycare aims to apply strict Health & Safety Standards at all times.

The health and safety of my clients are paramount and stringent hygiene measures are in place.

  • All surfaces will be disinfected before and after each treatment.
  • All pet bedding/coverings will be changed for each individual dog.
  • Hand sanitizers, face masks and gloves are available if required (however, if you have your own, it is recommended you use these).
  • Clients must fill in and sign a health declaration form prior to each session.
  • Clients need to arrive promptly for their appoints and wait until called in.
  • Clients are also encouraged to pay by BACs or PayPal, you may still pay by cash with the correct amount.
  • All dogs will be wiped down with safe wipes on arrival and departure.
  • Only one person is allowed in the studio with their dog.
  • Whilst I am treating your dog you may enter the premises ensuring a 2-meter distance at all times, or you may prefer to remain in your car.

These systems are no different from how I would normally prevent cross-contamination, so are easily applied.

If I show signs of illness I will contact you immediately and you should do the same to me.

I am keeping constantly updated with new guidelines and regulation and will follow government advice accordingly. I have completed an online Coronavirus clinical safety course to gain further knowledge

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

COVID-19 Safety Statement
Prevent Covid-19 Certificate
COVID-19 Client Declaration
COVID-19 Cleaning Record
Clinic Risk Assessment
Mobile Risk Assessment