Using a special Ultrasound Toothbrush designed for dogs, I use a state of the art oral hygiene technology that performs better than manual toothbrushes with no anaesthetic.

A gentle, effective dental hygiene for your dog’s teeth and gums

Cleaning where bristles cannot reach; e.g. gum pockets, interdental spaces & deep fissures.

The Benefits

  • Fast and highly efficient, antibacterial deep clean
  • Cleans without movement, vibration, noise and no abrasion
  • Reduces & prevents unpleasant mouth odours
  • An effective means of deep cleaning & tartar removal without anaesthetic risk
  • Helps prevent new plaque and tartar formation
  • Bacteria is destroyed
  • Cleans teeth surfaces and reaches deep into the gum pockets (where inflammation begins)
  • Ultrasound cleaning reduces stress for anxious dogs
  • Ideal for dogs who have sensitive teeth & gums
  • Protects them from cavities & inflammation in the gums
  • No harmful side effects
  • Dogs readily become accustomed to this gentle cleaning procedure

How does it work?

Using ultrasound waves (air oscillations) 60 million per minute, breaking up bacteria cell membranes.

  • A vibration of waves higher than the upper audible limit of human hearing (pets cannot hear it either)
  • The ultrasound in Cleany Teeth for Dogs is tuned and engineered for perfect canine hygiene

The difference in the toothpaste is in the billions of microscopic nano bubbles that are created when used in combination with air oscillations.

Nano bubbles are small enough to surround bacteria, in combination with ultrasound waves (air oscillations). These bubbles break bacteria walls (destroys bacteria). For comparison, a nano bubble is roughly 150 x’s thinner than human hair.

Cleany Teeth cleans your dog’s teeth and gums and protects from cavities and inflammation in the gums. Cleaning is performed by air-oscillations and a compatible cleaning gel. Compared to a standard brush (manual or sonic) for pets. Professionals comment on the ineffectiveness of the standard brush in working to prevent the tartar buildup.

Canine Teeth Cleaning - Clean Teeth for Your Dog
Canine Teeth Cleaning - Clean Teeth for Your Dog
Canine Teeth Cleaning - Clean Teeth for Your Dog