What Owners Should Expect from Canine Massage Therapy

The Canine Massage therapy that I provide is results driven treatment and I aim to see improvement during one to three sessions, however, some issues maybe resolved in one session whilst others may require further sessions or a maintenance plan in order to help maintain your dogs mobility.

The first session usually lasts approximately 90 minutes and will consist of me getting to know both your dog and yourself, questions regarding your dogs general health, activities of daily living, exercise and any details of medical conditions and results expected.

“Dogs are much better at hiding their pain than humans and their methods of overcompensation are second to none”

A large part of the treatment happens before touching the dog, reading a dogs body language and responding appropriately is an essential component in canine massage to develop a better understanding of how to approach and work with your dog.

Finally I will perform a full massage on your dog to include Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Myofascial release, encompassing over 50 techniques. The session will be tailored to suit your individual dogs needs in order to obtain the best results.

I provide you with feedback on findings, aftercare and recommendations and a veterinary report to your Vets.

If your dog is a non-responder (which I do get occasionally) or is not suitable for massage, I will refer you back to your Vets. I do not keep treating week in week out hoping for something to happen. I am ethical and professional and responsible, with the dog’s welfare and wellbeing always being my number one responsibility.

Also including:

  • Gait analysis – movement pattern to assess areas of pain / stiffness. In following treatments to observe improvements/changes.
  • Posture analysis – observing how your dog holds its body.
  • Palpation – full body examination of muscles to help identify areas of tenderness, tension muscle atrophy, identify any trigger points (knots) and overcompensation that they may have – your dog has over 700 muscles pulling on over 320 bones – activities of daily living can affect your dog in many ways.

Healing Crisis

As your dog’s body restores its natural balance and begins to heal itself, you may notice what is referred to as “The Healing Crisis”. It is characterised by a temporary increase in symptoms during the cleansing process, which may be mild or severe.

Your dog may feel worse for the first 24-48 hours afterwards and you may therefore conclude that the treatment is not working. However, these reactions are in fact signs that the treatment is working and that their body is going through the process of cleansing itself of impurities, toxins and muscular imbalances. This is a perfectly normal reaction.

Signs and symptoms may include…

  • Lethargy
  • Increase in sleeping
  • Very quiet
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Increased joint/muscle pain (you may see lameness for up to 48 hours)