Have you noticed any changes in your dog, however subtle?

If you have noticed any changes, even the most subtle of ones, or have concerns about your dog’s mobility and / or behaviour.

This aid allows you to easily classify your observations, identifying symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions that could be helped by Canine Massage & Therapy.

Signs of muscular pain can be mistaken by some owners as simply signs of ageing or ‘just something they do’. However, that muscular pain can be caused by anything from normal activities of daily living to chronic arthritic conditions.

Canine Massage - Changes in Your Dog
Posture Activities of Daily Living Behaviour Performance
Stiffness Change in standing / sitting / laying position Reluctant / struggling on walks Just not themselves Deviation in performance
Lameness/limping Back dipping / arching Struggling to get up or down stairs or from the car/sofa Disinterested in life / isolation / depressed / grumpy Early onset fatigue
Dragging paws / knuckling over/ stumbling Coat changes/ twitchy skin Doesn’t want to play Not wanting to be petted / touched / groomed Missing / avoiding jumps
Hopping / swinging leg out when walking / running Holding tail differently Difficulty rising from lying down Anxiety i.e. excessive licking / panting / barking / pacing Turning wide on box
Weakness in legs Dipping down on one side Unbalanced on slippery flooring / uneven ground Frequently rolling on back Lack of drive, measuring

Has Your Dog Been Diagnosed with Orthopaedic Conditions?

When bone is the primary issue, the muscle is the secondary issue. Muscle pulls on bone to produce movement, and when the bone is affected it means that the muscles which stabilise, move and protect the joint have to work harder, this then causes a set of muscular issues which worsen the dogs condition as they become stuck in the pain cycle.

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip / Elbow Dysplasia
  • Cruciate Ligament
  • Luxating Patella
  • Spondylosis
  • OCD
  • Previous Break / Fracture
  • Other

Many dog owners have identified pain symptoms and have chosen non-invasive therapies like canine massage & therapy a non-invasive treatment that successfully reduces pain and improves mobility.

An all-embracing approach to your dog’s wellness, ensuring the best results for your dog’s health & wellbeing.

If you would like to find out more about Canine Massage & LED Light Therapy and how it can support your dog’s individual needs. Contact Me

Change the Muscle – Change the Posture
Change the Posture – Change the Behaviour

NB: this aid does not replace veterinary care; if you have any health concerns about your dog, please always seek advice from your vet.

Canine Massage - Changes in Your Dog
Canine Massage - Changes in Your Dog