Elements of Canine Core Conditioning

“After being discharged from the specialist with Dave we were left with very little information on how best to proceed with his recovery. The only advice given was to gradually build up his exercise, but they didn’t specify the best way to help him recover or build up his tolerance or strength.

We found it extremely difficult to find any support or information on his condition and Dave is a very nervous rescue dog who has to learn to trust new people, so we needed someone who was not only knowledgeable about his injury but has the experience and patience to deal with his nervous temperament.

Jayne has taken things slowly and Dave has gradually grown in confidence with her to the point now that he truly has trust in her which is incredibly important.
When we started working with Jayne, Dave hardly used his leg. It was there more as a balance for him and watching him he had little idea how to use it effectively but over the weeks we have seen him progress incredibly. His strength and condition are coming back, and we can see how improved his general well-being is.

Jayne explains everything clearly so we can continue between sessions with Dave, and she has given us the support and confidence which was lacking when we were discharged by the specialist.

All in all, we can attribute Dave’s progress to Jayne’s dedication, hard work and guidance but If I had to sum her up in one word I’d say “amazing!”

Elements of Canine Core Conditioning

“When Paddy started his canine conditioning course, he was tighter on one side due to being a flyball dog. through the use of the exercises that Jayne has helped us with he is now much more supple on both sides and has lots more flexibility.

Since starting this Paddy has also sped up and is now running his fastest ever times at flyball.

I didn’t know what to expect in terms of improvement, but Paddy has definitely become a lot more supple, flexible, movement has improved and co-ordination.

We are looking forward to starting the intermediate training sessions.”